Would you mind terribly if I kissed you now?

I don't mean to bother you.
It's just that we've been sitting here all night talking,
talking, talking, talking,
and I really would like to kiss you now.

I understand if you'd rather I didn't. I wouldn't want to kiss me either.
But everything about you- the upturned corner of your mouth, the quickness of your eyes, your silent exhale.
I'm caught.

I don't have much to offer.

I'm a good kisser, and I like doing it. But I don't have much money, and what little I do, I usually spend in this bar.

And my job isn't spectacular.
And my car doesn't always run.
And I'll never be a millionaire or a captain of industry.

But I will love you, I promise.

I will love you, and I will never forget,
how your breath and mine hang in the air tonight.

I promise.

With all the strength in my legs.
With all the air in my lungs.
With all the thoughts in my head,
I will love you.

And I understand if that's not enough.

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