We were friends before we were lovers.
You watched me break your best friends heart.
I watched as you struggled to keep a relationship aflame,
as her love for you sputtered.
We have never fought.
I've been told that not arguing is not a good thing;
that it shows you are afraid to speak your mind, voice your opinions.
Yet we have never raised our voices to one another in the passion of anger.
I won't fool myself into thinking that it can always be like that-
However, I'm in no hurry to get back to reality.
I'd rather just wander in our world together.
It's not that we've never disagreed!
However, our sensitive Libra inside is much too sensitive and refined,
causing unrestrained 'dignification'.
It's so natural with you.

The way it started was drugs.
I never thought of you as my potential love.
Figuring we were too good of friends to ever have a relationship.
Looking back, how ridiculous (my favorite word, you probably have guessed!).
MDMA set our minds working,
words flowing off our tongues like silver birds
into the dark and steamy late-summer night.
Smoking, smoking, smoking-
I'm going to end up with lung cancer if i don't stop with the amphetamines.
With a few words, you changed my entire world.
Everything, literally, is flipped, turned, scrambled, inside-out.
It's not that you can read my mind, or solve my problems.
You gave me the tools to do that myself.

I love me. You gave me that, enabled me with that gift of self-love.
I have loved before you.
But you are, first, truly, one and only, forever,
the one that i have been 'in love' with.
I read previously of a node describing 'falling in love';
it's looked for and then completely unexpected-not slipping, waltzing, gliding into love.
I try to dig my heels in,
i try to pull back.
I am so truly terrified.
The fear and the happiness that makes my brain want to explode.
I am such a logical thinker, feeler,
that these illogical feelings with no basis in reality,
nothing tangible,
is such unfamiliar territory.

"When i realized that I should become a writer, it was like looking at a friend
you've had all your life and realizing that you want to marry them."
You are my passion.
I want to marry you.

Do you see the significance in the things i do?
I, the cliche; i hate being a girl.
I've prided myself on thinking like a man.
You ran out of deodorant-
i got that, and matching body spray, and surprised you.
Can you tell I love you?
I grabbed you an extra bag of popcorn because I know you'll want some of mine.
Can you tell I love you?
I run my hands through your hair as you lay beside me.
Can you tell I love you?
I randomly get you Mountain Dew because I know it's your favorite.
Can you tell I love you?
I don't hesitate to share with you-
my ice cream, my cigarettes, my opinions, my body, my thoughts, my random little stories.
My heart, my soul, my everything.
I want you to have anything.
Can you handle me?
I am so intense.

You are my unexpected and you integrate yourself into it all.
I love you.

I'll comb your hair every day and
I will recite Neruda for you
in my native tongue, of course,
which you won't understand

I'll feed you since you won't have the hands
to do so
and I'll bathe you when we're both feeling

tied up in my basement I promise I will make you

it's hard sometimes when you
start yelling for the cops while I'm trying to feed you
it hurts me, you know? that
you need shit like freedom and your family
to be content
all the while I am here trying to make this dingy
hole a pretty home for you

i don't want to fasten those handcuffs babe

I'll bring you flowers every day and
I will sing your favorite songs
every morning
if you'll just love me I'll
make you your favorite breakfast
if you stop yelling and kicking me I'll
scratch your back until you fall asleep
I'll even get you a mattress

if you stop yelling and realize
I'm doing this because I love you more
than anyone else ever will,
if you realize I love you
I will buy you Mountain Dew

but it's okay, either way
no one ever said love had to be cooperative

heeeeeeeey would anyone like to marry me i'm not high maintenance

Aerobe says love feels a lot like handcuff sores ;_;
etouffee says Love is the exquisite pain of depending on someone else for your next breath.
RedOmega says Love is not feeling like you're the luckiest person in the world, it's not caring that you aren't that person.
slyslacker says love is what you'd expect someone to give you..what you'd expect someone to ask you..
GhettoAardvark says Love is like an awkward metaphor: you really enjoy putting it together at first but then you get to the end and you just feel embarassed about the whole thing.
BookReader says Oh and yeah... before I forget... Love is the product of strange and alien chemicals messing with your brain. Just like Mountain Dew.
Uberbanana says Love is the most efficient way to frustrate single people.
Halspal says Amor es una canción con una melodía que te hace felíz en una lengua que no conoces.
DiscoStan says Love is gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid and an unguarded cocktail.
Watakwa says Love is a want to make someone happy no matter the cost to yourself, even if that cost is death.
sangsoo says December 23, 2008 is love. love is the security blanket you didn't even know you had or needed
dichotomyboi says Love is pressing your face to someone elses and wishing you had never met. Love is this chore, this albatross, this campaign. Love just takes, and takes, and takes.
fairyplain says love feels like a miracle
CT Ellis says I would have a "love is" quote, but love is like giftshop windows, you can't get past the glass to see what it's like...
bol says Our language is incapable of describing love, it can only describe its absence.
Spifficus Rex says Love is Glove after you've cut the G off.
prole says love feels like that moment before a car wreck when you realize you're actually swerving *toward* the other vehicle. maybe just vertigo.
Valse de Verse says Love feels like drinking brandy alexander and eating chilli chocolate, wrapped in your favourite dressing gown, which the wind hurls rain at the window outside.
Intentions says Love is saying goodbye and then wanting to look back, to go back, even if you don't.
Doctor Uncle says Love is. your mom.

decoy hunches says love is hanging on whilst letting go.

(hapax says I do not know anything about what love feels like, but I have carried a squirming sack of kittens to the vet's office and I DON'T THINK THAT'S IT)



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