Come closer.
I want to show you something.

“Is is good?”

“No. But it’s something you need to see; my secrets.

"I’ve been stealing kisses.”


And I took out the box.
They were all hers now.

“What are these?”


“Of what?”


I stared at her face as she went through them. I already knew what they were, I needed to know what she thought.
I saw her little smiles.

She saw them all: couples, families and friends.
They were friendly, passionate and chaste.
They were everywhere: parks, houses, schools.
A section for those sending their kisses away.
Public, secret, private and beautiful.

I sat scared out of my mind she would take it the wrong way.

She put them down, keeping her face blank.
“And what do you do with all these stolen kisses?”

“I give them to you.”


The last pictures were of us.

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