Or how mama fixed the TV with the giant cross
Or how she made God our boss
And took us to church every single day


"Do not sin gainst the Lord
That's something you can't afford
Jesus may love you, it's very true
But God will smite all thee but the Jews!"

And I went home and I cried
Until I figured out the preacher lied
And I got good and mad
And complained to my dad

He said

"Son, don't be cross
about God our boss."

And he gave me a radio to play
All the stations on in those days
Then I found the low band wave
Talking about how we were all saved
And that Religion was a riot
And how to be quiet
And how to eat my greens
And sugared pinto beans
And that was it
And all was quiet
Until the voices said

This is a transmission from God

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