(In a spring mood...)

I shovelled snow, as up the slippery street
The neighbor girl trudged near. She lost her stride,
And fell beside me. Back up on her feet,
She motioned for the shovel; I complied.
In song, and grinning several miles wide,
She took the thankless task up with élan,
Chiselling, launching bergs to either side;
And sooner than I knew, the snow was gone.

Then she departed, spring arrived anon,
Days warmed, and icy hearts warmed at their sight.
But in their midst, I dearly miss their dawn,
Who bolstered me that day, and fled that night;
I only have a note she left for me:
"Be back next April! -- Love, Persephone."

A submission for the e2verse challenge. Thanks Demeter!

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