Open Book I am an open book. Read me how you will. Do you want to skim through me? Glaze over the details in my life, Then put me back on the shelf? Do you want to read me backwards, Discover some hidden meaning in me? What are you trying to find? Will you ignore certain chapters, Pretend they don’t exist? Do you always have to fit something into a genre? You can try to judge me by my skin, But you’ll find nothing there, The cover is barely worn. There’s no blurb on the back you can check, And no price tag on my life. Try reading my pages, but take your time. Don’t fear them running out, there will always be more. Try reading me a bit at a time, It may help you understand the plot better. And try to see the little things, The typos, the grammar, the scribbles in the margin. They can be what really matters. I am an open book. Read me how you will.

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