Poetry.com is one big pain in the arse website, without a doubt.
It does have one single merit, though. It is home of the Poetry in Motion contest. (Not to be confused with the Subway Series of the same name)

Given a window with random word clips (like magnetic poetry on your screen) to choose from, one is required to make a poem using just 20 pieces. The clippings contain full words, suffixes, and an assortment of single letters. The daily winner is awarded $100.

Every now and then, I go to this spot, to play with words. The contest is worth diddly-squat, but offers a unique exercise in vocabulimbo. Sometimes I have to build words by layering many pieces, e.g.: theater from t, heat, her. This limits even further, making one word but costing 3. It's fun.

I'm going to node some of the things I have come up with, 20 words or less.

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