tucks her voice underneath herself and folds her hands,
whispers in your ear "it's all right."

(it's okay again)

winters and summers stand end on end,
digging holes that fill up in the sand.
we won't let go,
not quite yet.

(stars spread out over the land)

the taste of you starts to go bland,
sits down quiet and sometimes stands.
words that wont let go,
not yet certain. never. no.


Taking inventory, after the fact
of an argument that escalated

words that should not have been said,
were instead, shouted

He was trying to explain something
who knows?

She didn't want to hear it.
So they argued instead about listening
in voices everyone else could hear

She told him, later
she was done talking about it

He told her, once more
that it didn't matter

Lying, both became quiet.
In that stillness, with only the dust settled.

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