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dont break
lets make
one and one two


smile and laugh, split in half



Because : what can you say to such a person?

Small offerings
on simple terms.

This is the world and the way I might maybe see it. Or not.

These are the stories I have to tell, when I am done telling them perhaps I will have time to figure out what they mean.

I had a dream last night that I could fly. Shooting out over the plains and fields divided into green and brown geometric shapes by the farmers. I open my mouth to inhale little fluffs of cloud. The wind is pressing against my face and blowing over me, past me wrapping itself around. I turn over on my back, rocketing forwards with only wide endless blue in sight. I close my eyes and feel more than flying, I feel forever.

I grew up on a rocket ship and eventually we got tired of only being able to run back and forth in the big corridor that ran down the middle so we landed in a remote forest. We dug a deep deep deep tunnel underground and lived in a crazy cave and we ran around for days on end and eventually since it was so dark our skin started to glow and we thought this might be bad so we moved out of the cave. In the jungle we ate monkeys and mangos for days on end, gorged outselves till we we were too full to move and sometimes snakes tried to eat us then but we fought them off with sticks and rocks. We even grew tired of swinging on vines, we were insatiable really, we moved along to the city. In the city we all lived in a single room the size of a bathroom. We built bunk beds and cooked outside on the sidewalk from a portable stove and one of us slept in the bathtub because there was only so much room to build bunkbeds in and still be able to walk around okay? We got jobs working at a factory which made erasers in funny animal and car shapes to go on the top of pencils, we stole pockets full of these each day and tried to bribe the man that came when we didnt pay our electric bill for two months. He took the two garbage bags full of them the first time he came, but the second time he had wised up and was not having any bags full of erasers bribing. We clubbed him like a snake and ate him up and it was good too cause you can only live off eating funny shaped rubber erasers for so long before you need something nourishing and not rubber in your stomach. The city was exciting, but we became bored of exciting and moved along. Such was our life.

Next week I will be turning into a robot for seven days, I will have blinking lights where my eyes are, and a grille for a mouth that emits intermittent beeping noises. My movements will be very jerky and I will have a boxy instead of smooth and angular build. But dont worry, robot muscles dont need to look big because it is what is on the inside of a robot that counts! Instead of feet I will have catapillar treads which will allow me to speed along while maintianing a appearance of simply standing still. Hot damn! I will foil all sorts of plots with this. Cannot share that secret yet. Anyhow, I am worried that when I go in to buy glasses they will not let me have any. I think they might say, No! Your a robot! We dont serve robots! And I will cry, because its true. My health insurance has a special exemption clause which prohibits the distribution of eyeglasses to robotic automata. Damn! They will cart me off to robot jail where I will be sent on to a factory as an indentured servant and be forced to weld car frames on an assembly line 24 hours a day. This cold world.

. . .

(i like a mean ellipsis. maybe i might like you too)