A pop rock band from Morgantown, West Virginia with some flawless four-part vocal harmony. Their music is energized and party-oriented with lyrics that are riveting, sarcastic and downright funny. They're fast becoming a regional success, playing not only in their home state but also Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and North Carolina. Their music is available at mp3.com and their homepage is http://www.theargument.net.
    The band players are
  • Scott Simons - Vocals and Keys
  • Matt Warder - Vocals and Guitar
  • Brent Bunner - Vocals and Bass
  • Chris Russell - Vocals and Drums and Punter
They have two EPs under their belt: Half Asleep and Pissed Off and The Other Side of The Argument as well as their first full length studio album which came out in the early summer of 2000. It's called Your New Favorite Band and is available at their website.

They came to my attention personally because I was looking for artists at mp3.com who sounded like Billy Joel and this band does sound a lot like Joel did in his early days when he still had an edge and was still quite the Angry Young Man. Believe me. They rock.

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