A singer/songwriter/pianist based in Los Angeles, a place where one could feasibly shoot a potato gun into a crowd of people and hit a singer/songwriter/pianist. However, Emily Richards plays pop rock type music with a phenomenal backup band.. She's got a great voice..! She has three CDs under her belt.. Emily Richards does have a very pop sound yes, I'll grant you that but there's also something else going on in her music. There's depth and humanity here that you can't find in that crap they actually play on the radio nowadays. Admittedly, she can easily be compared to other more successful artists like Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, or Sheryl Crow. This kinda talent comes a dime a dozen nowadays. I'm not helping her out much here am I?

Listen. In present day society we got these radio stations and music companies and record stores all building up this conspiracy of control over YOUR EARS. Who's popular this week? Why are they popular? Whose idea was that? Who is it this week? Mariah Carey? Brittney Spears? Has Drew Barrymore come out with a rap single yet? Gimme a break. Emily Richards is a hard working stage performance artist and musician who is using the Internet, your medium of choice, to share the wealth and get her name out there. Would it hurt you to give her a listen? Along with Kathy Fisher, Zeeza, and a lot more great talents out there than you honestly could know about, Emily Richards is an unsung hero and a precious find of modern American music who is just waiting for you to discover her for yourself. And hey. She lost her sister to a drunk driver last year, so cut the woman some slack.

Let's Pretend, Lie To Me, and Do You Remember but not the Purple Planet Remix cuz that sucks. Try those three out and I'll betcha you'll be converted. Honest. There's better music available in the world than what you can find at your local record store or on top forty radio. You just have to dig for it a little bit.

Some of her stuff is available at mp3.com and you can check her out at http://www.emilyrichards.com

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