She lived;
    a life of fantasy
    a life of joy and sorrow
    a life to live carefree
    a life to live tomorrow
She danced;
    a dance of rolling waves
    a dance of thundery skies
    a dance to end the days
    a dance to please the eyes

She laughed;
    a laugh of endless mirth
    a laugh of joyous youth
    a laugh to spin the earth
    a laugh to be uncouth

She loved;

    a love of purity
    a love of love long past
    a love to blind the sea
    a love to shipwreck rafts
She cried;
She sighed;
    a sigh of years to come
    a sigh of all lost hope
    a sigh to wish her life undone
    a sigh to help her cope
She slept;
    a sleep of endless dreams
    a sleep of victory won
    a sleep to break the beams

    her death had just begun.

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