"Start something," he said

"and let me add to it."

You fucker.

If you want something
you should want it enough to start it
to light the fuse
to give the punch
to lift a finger;

any finger.

Instead, you come to me.
You want my ideas
invasive consumption

you want to take what I have
what I am
and make something of it
build something of it.

build something

am I nothing but bricks for your house
mud for your bricks?

If I wanted to be changed

I would offer myself to your alchemically sculpting hands
your defining chisel
your drying pen.

But what would you say

(what would you make of it)

if I were to tell you that I'd rather remain
as mud?

Col*lab`o*ra"tion (?), n.

The act of working together; united labor.


© Webster 1913.

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