She lounges, poolside
drenched in the heat, cooled by ocean breezes
A small umbrella, tipsy with rum,
leans against the side of her glass

In room 455 a sunburned turista is dead, or dying
she did not check his pulse as she stepped over him
on the way out the door, carrying his cash and a gold watch

Vacations, even working vacations, were relaxing for her
a way to let off steam, forget schedules and calendars
It was a shame she had no one to share it with

She had a lover once, in Acapulco
brave and daring, he was a former cliff diver
He used to sing to her of love as the sun set

A través del cielo de mañana
Todo los pájaros salen.
¿Cómo pueden saber que es tiempo de ir?
Antes del fuego de invierno,
Seguiremos soñando.
Yo no cuento el tiempo

¿Quién sabe dónde va el tiempo?
¿Quién sabe dónde va el tiempo?

It was a pity he tried to steal from her,
But she made sure his last dive was spectacular.








------------------------------------ translation assist from Chras4 and Ancientsnow

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