i will change my name and move to morocco.
i will carefully alter my schedule to throw off their clocks.
i will place copyrights on all of my sentences and watch from on high.
i will water my plants in winter and cover them in spring.
i will interrogate myself mercilessly until i am broken.
i will call the psychic hotlines and hang up, furious.
i will hang myself from the town hall belfry (at dawn, of course).
i will sit in the bathtub, naked, and pray for rain.
i will write the president that i'm fine now, thanks for asking.
i will unplug all my appliances and listen to my neighbors from the living room.
i will cover mine eyes so that i cannot be seen.
i will write nonsense and philosophy so that they will think me cleared.
i will invent new words for freedom and pass out pamphlets.
i will ascend into heaven (three days too late).
i will line my windows with mirrors--let them look!
i will talk to myself, but only in third person formal.
i will tour the concentration camps and take furtive, scribbled notes.
i will turn in resume' with two-weeks notices stapled to the back.
i will underline all the adjectives in the new testament.
i will leave copies of gerontion conspicuously around my house.
i will go back in time and do everything exactly the same.
i will publish all of my sins chronologically.
i will hire a team of detectives to watch me closely for treason.
i will have them watched.
i will speak only when spoken to.
i will spit it out,
and having spit it out,

i will be silent.

I will be silent.

i'll pull down your arm in an arm-wrestle
i'll open a shelter for the bankrupt on Baltic Avenue and go directly to jail without passing go for protesting at Park Place
i'll ask my cat his opinion
i'll sing to lonesome fenceposts in the moonlight
i'll light a candle in remembrance
but I might not remember, oh no I might not..
i'll praise yellow dresses to the streetlamps
i'll play games with the buses and see if they cheat
i'll steal rubber thimbles to bake with
i'll hold up a convenience store with red roses and force them to accept my penny jar
i'll name all my office supplies and take pictures just in case they escape
i'll wear a tall hat
i'll demand a recount
i'll dye my elastic bands green

I'll walk down the street and I'll look in your eyes, I'll look straight in your eyes, and if neither one dies, yes if neither one dies I'll surrender!

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