The streetlights light the way home when we feel lonely,
we skip to the beats of our slowed heartbeats,
and we dream of smiles and eyes...
things to make us happy and pass time.
We'll never get to where we're going.
Our dreams overflow our heads.
And once i planned on forgetting
but that plan never did go into effect.

Our footsteps in the same pattern of clicking
against pavement, cold from autumn air.
We look into the eyes of our friends
knowing that they could never really be there.


Your eyes are shifting as they're looking for answers to whisper into the telephone.
And the music is playing the back of corridor's
very slow
The words slither along the walls and crawl to ears that have real sense.
And the music is distorted by blurred vision, as the smoke lingers out your lips.
And you will speak while I smile and pretend we never fought at all.
And as your eyes are shifting around for comfort,
I'll ask more questions to make you stutter your insecurities...

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