The title given to the poems credited to artist Valerie Laws, in conjunction with 15 of Northumberland farmer Donald Slater's sheep.

These poems were created in December, 2002, by the innovative technique of spraying a word on the side of each sheep, and then noting down particularly poetic phrases made by the sheep.

An example of quantum sheep poetry -

"Warm drift, graze gentle/ White below the sky, soft sheep/ Mirrors, snow clouds."

This innovation has given rise to an entirely new form of poetry - lambic pentameter.

Upon a hill of greening grass,
Beyond the city streets.
Past the noise of bustling cars,
And sounds of busy feet.

There lies a funny looking sheep,
Bigger than the rest.
It has a funny looking nose,
And feet that will not rest.

It roams across the grassy slopes,
Eating as it goes.
It eats just what it sees about,
And grumbles as it grows.

By nineteen sixty three this sheep,
Was bigger than a cow.
It was time to put an end to it,
But nobody knew how.

Twenty one years after that,
The sheep was bigger still.
But at the size of Ularu,
It hadn’t had its fill.

When the beast was twice the size,
Of western Ballarat
It became a world wide tourist site,
With an airstrip on its back.

The parliament was set to meet,
In Canberra last week.
To discuss our largest citizen.
And the rising price of meat.

They sold the legs to Pakistan,
And rump off to Japan.
But Howard! Said the farmer’s son,
You just don’t understand.

The sheep by now is sixty eight,
And older than yourself.
It’s far too tough for eating sir,
It wont be very nice.

In hearing this he had a thought,
Gave thanks for the remark.
And promptly called his buddy George,
Who dropped it on Iraq.

It might have as little to do with quantum pysics as a monkey does with a sonnet but its poetry and it involves sheep. For anyone needing translation, Ularu is also known as Ayers Rock and is an extreamely large monolyth, Howard is an ex Prime Minister of Australia and "George" refers to George Bush. It' all just a bit of Aussie humour, a consequence of doing assignments late into the night.

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