gentle tweeks,
playful strokes,
capricious hands stroll the body
like a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk
through wildflowers. tasting skin
through your hungry fingertips. an evocation
to passion
or just being quiet and close.

Fon"dling (?), n. [From Fondle.]

The act of caressing; manifestation of tenderness.

Cyrus made no . . . amorous fondling To fan her pride, or melt her guardless heart. Mickle.


© Webster 1913.

Fond"ling (?), n. [Fond + -ling.]


A person or thing fondled or caressed; one treated with foolish or doting affection.

Fondlings are in danger to be made fools. L'Estrange.


A fool; a simpleton; a ninny.




© Webster 1913.

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