even celestial arias cease for this one
moment ephemeral. his eyes climb
into mine. soul canyons. timeless.
limpid thoughts. ebullient ragged breath.
floating on the newborn pool of our union.
clothes like stepping stones on the grass.
the sheen of our slippery skin
reflects. the night sky holds
its breath. he says, 'I love you.'
mute angels startle. wings flutter. fall
silent. worlds stop dancing to listen.
my answer trips.
this human life
the most incredible possession
so raw and delicate
held in balance amid the pulling fates
skating precariously along a razor's edge
poised and entranced, in gracious beauty
naked, with eyes wide open
in flawed perfection

sweet intoxicating consciousness
permeates my being
I share this bittersweet ecstasy with you
this fragile rapture

we are brought together, here
occuping this pinhole in space
this fleeting moment in time
our separate lives touch, mix, entwine
each forever altered by the other's presence
in ephermeral stillness

our joyous duty:
to enrich our lives through our meeting
to fill our shadows with each other's essence
and to always be mindful of this magic
that we may never feel alone in our journey
swimming through the stars
as they bleed their silver light

and as I live and breathe
I cry toward the heavens
"here are we"
and pray that you are listening

©2002, 1987 panamaus

Stars Don't Stand she says,
small & tuggeing my sleeve.

O Young One i laugh, smile,
face turn'd down. You're Right—

The Stars i say They Danse
For Aeons & All Across The Sky

    Which i add Is Small To Them

Stars Aren't Naked she says,
skeptical & wryly smileing.

O My Wise Little One i chuckle,
we cheek'd by pale blue light—

The Stars Are The Most Naked,
For They Shine Themselves Out

    Until They Are Exhausted, & Nothing.

it's past your bed time, my sweet,
& cold—let's go inside.

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