Waiting at the airport
An angry monkey with four breasts, blue lobster and sushi
Peep jousting and plastic, Pool tables, velvet jackets… and rain
An Old man who shares time and table and laughter
It will always be here for you.

Playing in the park
Frisbees thrown too short or wild so we ran ourselves to death…
How many times can we lose a goddamn Aerobie, anyway?
Hanging from some fractured upper branch… on that poor fucking tree…
It will always be here for you

Standing on the giant stump
As the smell of smoke drifted across the cool air
Inside it’s Pirate Bay with pixie sticks and ginger beer and portabellas  -
Toasting with $130 bottles of whiskey- and spilling it
It will always be here for you

Dancing with the Goths
Walking the longest four blocks in leather pants
Scary people with whips and paddles - who lick foreheads…
We’re Beaten, electrocuted, intimidated, exhausted, exhilarated
It will always be here for you

Sleeping on an air mattress
The sound of voices that jabbered for the entire night
Everyone crammed- body to body- all night, all day, everywhere
Painted faces and legs- flames and bats and stars and gold
It will always be here for you

Singing on the back steps
Songs that stopped half finished for laughter and ignorance
Squirt guns sprayed, wrestling on the dining room floor and fireworks…
Skipping the fucking dvd with a jump to the leftclimbing up walls
It will always be here for you

Eating in crowds
Following the lost on some road in Dublin
Plantains and black bean nachos, three cheese pizzas
Fish from a jar in the kitchen and saying goodbye
It will always be here for you

Talking for days without end
Waiting in line for one bathroom…
Being silly and immature because we can…
Who needs to fucking sleep when everyone is here?
It will always be here for you.

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