I dreamt the strangest dream. Who could blame me? I've been floating through this journey for less time than it seems, just watching events take their course. I'm not even really sure why I came along. Nosy questions, maybe. Force of habit. Chance. I can't really pin it down, and it doesn't really matter anyway. Here I am, though I'm not sure where here is.

I woke up before dawn, at the sound of those first few streaks of light, startled to be awake to the reality that what I had just seen wasn't real. Already the dream fades. There was some kind of choice, and I was eating miniature human bodies, in a garlic sauce, just to please the chef in some house in the woods up on some mountain. And it had all tasted so foreign, like eating dressed up clams. Ironic since it was a meat I knew so intimately. How quickly I was led into the ways of a cannibal. Curioser and curioser.

And I disentangle myself from my bedfellows, head for the river and watch the sun come up over much-needed solitude.

--Letters from a Savior; Offer for a few--


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