Look yet upon me,
Unkind Fae
Stay yet.

Unwind your windy winter breaths
Let them fly to other parts, Weird and Warm.
Seduce them now from a distance,
Start your sojourn with them over miles-
but stay.

Untwist my Veins
Like so many Vines around a backyard Oak.
Viney Veins rushing my Blood
Away from your Crimson house

Yes, I let you live in my heart.

Yes you tore the curtains down, yes you stained the sheets, yes do what you please with me...
You wrapped telephone cords around your wrists to prove that you were

Trapped, tripped, tapped and tangled in my arteries, caught in my capillaries, shrouded in connective tissue...
If this is what separated us then I am

Unwind me and stay.
Reroute, redirect, reconnect, resize and reshape me
Bind my windings into each other. Cut thoroughfares.
A lacework of rings.
Chainmail around my heart
Chill the oranges off the trees, kill butterflies, kiss bees, bring pianos to their knees.
Break their legs.

Do anything, but

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