Family of stories, their musical sounds
glow from a house. It rests lightly on earth.
Four cool minds with clear-eyed power
challenge and laugh, all gently free.
Share its heart with a visiting friend
Patterns of domestic space and craft

Ancient forms of clay and craft.
Magpies paint this realm with sounds,
a song to cheer a gardening friend
who keeps the water with the earth.
Fresh green tendrils breaking free
to face the sunshine, essential power.

Gentle servant of a distant power
Seeing the people beyond the craft
Tools for making their language free
The network seeks the Tetum sounds
Honour the culture, down to earth
Weave these threads which mark you friend

Timber's welcome touch, a tactile friend,
Solid burnished grace and patient power.
Space and whimsy charm the earth,
the house reclines in warm waxed craft.
Rounded puzzle's gentle sounds.
Room to slide the windows free.

Legal gift and windows free
Shared and restless digital friend
Vehicle for art and sounds
Expression of collaborative power
Thinking tools for recursive craft
Penguin and python map the earth

Diverse connections trace the earth
Rules for simply living free
Water food and land as craft
Respecting context, blood and friend.
Stories mesh as legal power.
Voices peal in laughing sounds.

Harmonic sounds, so rich, your earth
Keep your power, balanced and free
Generous friend, at peace in your craft.

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