I got caught up in a monkey knife fight last night,
but you left me alone to fend for myself.

I won. I beat the monkeys senseless.

((sweat pouring in a dark alleyway)) ((blood pumping in my ears))

These were Harlow's baby monkeys, raised with wire mothers, and no regrets - all grown up and left in the streets.
Would you have empathy if your mother was made of wire?
Love and sustenance don’t coincide. Pick your poison. Choose your battles.

I got lucky. You couldn’t possibly have counted on that.
The odds were against me. The odds were against us.

Lab animals can't feel, goddammit.
Thousands of experiments leave you with more scars than soul...
but you left me and now I have three monkey knives to seek revenge
You fucking coward.
Have you seen a monkey knife?
Well you will; you're going down my friend
You don't leave anyone alone in a monkey knife fight.

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