Back in the old days
           Folks were so certain
           A path of God's choosing

          Along came the men
           With their proofs
          And their theorems
           All of it got just a bit more confusing.

I really would like to create the equations
     Define our relations
     With one derivation
Here is my question on many occasions,
     "What does she want me to do?"

It would be great if life weren't so complex
     We'd make an index
     Find a number for x
How can I calculate all the effects
     of simply my being with you?

          Newton defined things 
           In terms of equations
          Took Aristotle and 
           Swept him away,

          Einstein took Newton's work 
           Made alterations
          And everything changed
           In a relative way.

Part of me wants you to make up your mind
     To tell me you're mine
     Or leave me behind
Sometimes it feels just a little unkind
     Never to know where I stand.

Sometimes I think that I'm asking too much
     My questions are such:
     Am I just a crutch?
I really can't tell if you're missing my touch
     And nothing quite goes as we'd planned.

          A teacher named Erwin
           A cat in a box
          Alive and yet dead
           Til observing reveals

          A genius named Werner
           Was always uncertain
          And sometimes I think
           That I know how that feels.

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