Today I saw a line on the ground, on the concrete slabs a line drawn with chalk
and I thought "I will follow this line all around and remember the things I see as I walk."
The line took me down to a place by the tracks where the big boys were hanging out, tagging and dreaming
it wound through the alley ways, rounded the shacks in the harbour, with fish crates and dry ice steaming

We went in the shadows of towering buildings, past men with grey faces and lead-heavy eyes
I followed it over the river that still sings of love for the sea, brown swirls covered with flies
I ran through the shopping mall, line disappearing as hurrying feet scoffed the chalk from the floor
Weaving through traffic I knew I was nearing the end of the line as I came to my door

I looked at my door as I stood on the sidewalk and tried to remember the things I had seen
Tomorrow I'm getting my own piece of white chalk that might take you places I haven't yet been

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