And who knew, eyes abandoned, we could see?
That if only blind sometimes,
We could own a dazzling scene
That dapples into hundreds more?
All the thoughts you thought beautiful enough
To be absurd,
Today surpass
The surging winged stream
(on which flowers shine like shards of stained glass)
In their delicate melody.
Let the music of our pleated breaths
Tie you to this peace...
When you arrive home
Who will believe that you were
Jammed between so many boulders--
Yet the sole witness
Of consecutive miracles!
As diamonds exploded into paisley forests,
You knew, kissed, loved, glowed, sank
Into a cool dream, dove, wept, bit
Into another world--and another--
Golden field ripples in the wind;
Orbs of purple bouncing in grass;
Dove wings beating against face;
Cutout shapes of sky blossom;
Fire crackles secrets you cannot
A serene smile tilts into a star,
But you fly off a swing
Into other deep caves, again…
Repeat thrice, until sadly
Time catches up and shakes you
From eternity’s embrace.

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