And then you schooled me, schooled me well
On the way to be such a princess,
No great amounts of blue in my eyes, nor my blood
O, he who teaches me, why do you lie to yourself?
Books and books and whatnot could not make me your level,
And no amount of debate could make us agree.
Why do you teach what you never learned?
For political correctness, scream!
Stroll, yes, stroll away with hands in pockets, brooding,
Silence and then, “Calm down!”
And rivers around us, or is there no reflection?

Sign your name to me, then, for I am nothing but a wall,
Graffiti along my hands, in haunting blues and blacks, poison me!
Cross it out, wash it off…I remain unpoisoned…
Calm down!

I look up and my hair covers my eyes.
They make the world seem a prison, these honey strands,
For the sake of the jailer, I keep looking up.
It’s all in perspective! And where do you stand?
I will never stand beside you, I fear, and mostly because of the ocean, yes,
Blame it on the sea, blame it on the sea.
One day the phoenix and the beautiful bird,
And the robes reveal what we always hoped we knew…
And within a happy debate, I find my Wonderland…I’m late.
For once, this very first wonder, this discovery, this bauble,
I calm down.
You can teach me, now.

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