Once upon a time, some internet snottery
Made her sad, her stomach in a knottery
All the flaming doddery and floggery
Made her think of cattery and doggery.

She tried to calm the coldery and hottery
While avoiding the bitchery and battery
Noticed a lack of friendery and talkery
Took a break and went out for a walkery.

Came back to a smattery of hatery
But much more of thisery and thatery
got over all the misery and wondery
tried the line of talkery, not mockery.

They all need some timery and breathery
Funnery, sunnery and tickely and tattery
Don't forget the sillery and tallery
Write a node thats bettery and fattery.

Take the time to laugh at all the snippery
Keep avoiding snottery and haughtery
Ignore the trollery and choose instead some drollery
life gets fuckery unless you learn to duckery.

For RangyJohnnyReilly, Chras4, jaybonci, wordnerd, dann, Jack and most of all wertperch.

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