who would’ve thought 
emptiness could take up so much space
silence could drown out so many thoughts
blankness could weigh so heavy

who could’ve known
when you left me once before

I tucked my heart away
folded nice and neat and prim
with crisp hospital corners
and a fresh mint on the pillow

it was so small
a wounded starling
frantic eyes peering
from inside sheltering arms

then like magic you came back
smiling at me from across the parking lot

with your smile
the ice melted
with your laugh
the sails unfurled once more

a parched flower 
under desert rain
my heart blossomed

but only for a moment
and now, no more
you are gone
again, forever

such a short, sweet journey is love
start to finish, bliss to heartache
joy and death in a nutshell

I am tired, so tired
do I have to go on?
can I lay down my pen?
can I be finished with this struggle?

please, let me go.

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