Your mind is amazing. I love to read your words, to feel them touch my soul, to revel in the beauty that is you. You're so complicated, and I know I only see a small fraction of that. If the visible colors are beautiful, what would the rest of the spectrum look like?

Sometimes you say something simple that strikes me as profound genius. I want more; I want to hear you talk forever. I always hoped that there was someone like you, and now that I see there is, I couldn't be happier.

You're like the stars and galaxies that grace the sky on clear nights, so brilliant and unreachable... but it's enough to know that they exist. It's enough to know that you exist. That this, here, isn't all there is. There's something better, more noble, somewhere. Maybe I will never reach it, but my heart knows it is there.

We search, lost souls looking for something to latch onto, something to shield us from the emptiness. We don't know what we seek, only that we hope to recognize it when we come across it. Somewhere in my wanderings, I caught a glimpse of you.

Knowing that somewhere out there is *you* makes all the difference. The world doesn't seem so bad when you are a part of it.

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