there are no clouds in the sky and
i can't love you when the rain doesn't fall
there is no hiding in the bright light clear skies

i always let you take the umbrella because
i know i won't want it when i find my head half way to your door
(you promised to pretend you are mine, tonight)

i haven't found that place full of reasons for when
we can't find one anymore and i don't want
either of us to realize there are no excuses

and you are so ridiculous with your head in your hands
crying into a book about enteric outbreaks

i am still sure that no matter how many times i fold this letter
it will still say too much about the weather and
nothing of the time i wrote a terrible poem about

a love i didn't want to feel
arms i could not belong in
a tear-stained notebook and

the day you broke my heart.

i know we will try again tomorrow i will never know why

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