"For abra, because I know she is still alive ..."

And if you wanted to dance
We could
Dance quietly together or
Alone is where it ends
Crying quietly you smile
Quietly thinking of tomorrow
Will be the day after today.

And if you wanted to die
You could
Dying is the quietest way to say
Good-bye and sleeping is even easier
Than dreaming about yesterday
You danced quietly and alone
The day before today.

And if you wanted to leave
I could
Leave you on the steps
Of our forgotten houses
Glass and fragile and imaginary for today
Is the day, the hour, this for you and
All this for nothing comes to me.

And if you wanted to run
I'd run
Away from the sticks and stones
Thrown a stone's throw away from heaven
You're wrong.
I'll see you
Tomorrow or

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