We took an early afternoon walk and before leaving I explained that we might want to take adventure notes. My then five year old son and seven year old daughter were aware there was a pen in my hand and a little spiral notebook, and they pointed out the stuff we should write. We filled 10 tiny front and back pages telling about the first great spring day that year.

Walked down the lane
we ate some berries
we saw two dogs yelling at us.
we saw some purple flowers
(we became self aware)
we picked a purple flower
we see a bath of rocks
Man flower
Manhole cover
Berries you can’t eat
And then more -10
Katie is allergic to tiger lilies
Little white flowers that have smooth petals
Treasure and the base of the mountain
Katie changes her shoes for the novelty of changing her shoes in the middle of a walk
Peppermint candy flowers
Katie is the first to point out the albino squirrel
Miles remembers when the building imploded
Miles gets cranky because we won’t get home before night
Rusty green van
Baby grass mercury with neon crosshatch
Spider web
Straw from Wendy’s on the step
Big round whorl
Miles hugs my knee
3 black birds chirping happily
Bent down tree
People with a little dog in a little diaper
Tube of toothpaste on other steps
Popcorn flowers
Mommy freaks out about loving honeysuckle
A bee hiding up in that flower
And then miles said a bad word to that bee
“hey watcha doing?
You calling me a bad f-word?
Yes effing bee in fact.
Little goblin house bush
We see someone watering flowers
A little girl says hi
Miles is embarrassed
Found a park
Holy Name Church
Rusty hanger
Clue x 2
Katie peeks through the grate at the little back lane beside the church
Purple hollyhocks
At home we melt root beer mud
Katie finds a magic crystal in the driveway rocks
Dinosaur egg under the deck
A cracked magic bird egg

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