I see its beauty fade
As the rose hangs there
To a dark dead jade
From lightest life green.

Its petals lose their pink
And I cannot mind
Its gentle stink
As it passes on.

Were it not for flame
He would lose colour
Be one in the same
As this rose I see.

Take the flesh, earthly bound
And change it to ash,
In a jar to the ground
And cover with stone and name.

And above the lovers
Of mankind's rose
A teary cloud hovers
Never to end or pass.

All we have are memories
And pictures filled with love
None but the knowing sees
And minds that wonder why.

But this rose I keep
From the saddest of grievers
Shall forever make me weep
And help me to recall.

Should its petals dry and break
I would still keep it
And to it add the one I will take
When with him she does lie.

Forever shall I know
The beauty of this faded rose
That will never grow
But will always be love.

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