I wish I could say to her
Everything that comes to mind when I’m sitting at home wondering
Wrapped up in a blanket on the couch she stares at the TV
And tucks her feet under my knees
Will she see me in ten years, in five, in one?
How can I be with her when she can’t even see me?
Sometimes I wish that she would say what she was thinking
When she’s next to me in bed
And her breath is warm against my neck
Too many nights spent watching TV this way
Her hand curled into a ball inside mine
Her thin fingers cold against my bare chest
I want to make her understand what I see
But sometimes she’s already as blind as she’s slowly becoming.
I wish that she would make up her mind about me
I feel her hatred almost as often as I feel her love
- and desperation.
It means so much to her…
…and it means so much to me for her to look NOW!
Kind of a rat... a maze with no cheese at the end
Twisting around and around…
…some kind of center of the world… whirling around…
Where she can’t see me
And I can’t give my sight or insight.
It’s ironic that the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen
Fail and fail and fail her…
It’s ironic that the dreams I want to give her…
Fail and fail and fail her…
So many people ask if her eyes are really that blue
And they’d trade them in a moment…
She’d gladly trade them if she were able…
I wish I could give her mine.
I wish I could say to her what I was thinking
Maybe in the morning.
She's sleeping? I asked.
Isn't it a bit early?
The night's still young.

Yeah, she's had a bit much
she needs to sleep it off
She'll be fine.

Funny, for someone who's
sleeping, she's really still.
Had a bit much what?

Oh, I don't really know.
That guy gave it to her.
I've never seen him before.

Yeah, I haven't either.
Are you sure she's ok?
I'm a little worried.

Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine.
This always happens, and
she always wakes up.

But this is different.
I can't hear her breathing.
I don't feel a pulse.

You can't tell; after all,
you've had a bit to drink.
Just let her sleep.

I guess, if you say so.
I'm really tired anyway.
I think I'll get some rest.
It's morning, now I'm awake.
She won't wake up, what's wrong?
I thought she was sleeping...

Please, be careful. Party responsibly, know what you're taking, and watch your friends.

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