She's sleeping? I asked.
Isn't it a bit early?
The night's still young.

Yeah, she's had a bit much
she needs to sleep it off
She'll be fine.

Funny, for someone who's
sleeping, she's really still.
Had a bit much what?

Oh, I don't really know.
That guy gave it to her.
I've never seen him before.

Yeah, I haven't either.
Are you sure she's ok?
I'm a little worried.

Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine.
This always happens, and
she always wakes up.

But this is different.
I can't hear her breathing.
I don't feel a pulse.

You can't tell; after all,
you've had a bit to drink.
Just let her sleep.

I guess, if you say so.
I'm really tired anyway.
I think I'll get some rest.
It's morning, now I'm awake.
She won't wake up, what's wrong?
I thought she was sleeping...

Please, be careful. Party responsibly, know what you're taking, and watch your friends.