YAY : this is the node that gets me to level 2 So im going to be voting on all the nodes I like in a minute. Anyway .. today has been ... Wet really.

I woke up this morning to the usual call of my mum shouting RICHAAAAARD (my name). To which I woke up and she said 'you dont have to go to school today cos of the flooding ... to which I rolled over in my bed and slept some more.
I then woke up and went downstairs, melted some chocolate and poured it over a banana and topped it with hundreds and thousands which was very sickly but nice. Anyway I decided to head on down to the local river to see what had happened. And as I walked over the bridge it started to sway. So I hurried across to the other side, Here a tractor had been abandoned. And a car was being swept away by the river. I hurried back home where my mum and sister were about to make there way into town (which is now submerged in water and evacuated). They went to the bar in which I work to clear everything up to the top floor so no doubt I will be sweeping up and clearing everything up there ... EUGH! other than that (and being an island-village now) everything today has been .. good)