Seeing that link on cnn.com made me smile.

Ok, so Dick and Bush will be running the show down there for a few years. Fine. Whatever. Dubya wouldn't have been the one I'd voted on if I was a US citizen, but what difference will this make for me? It's not like George would start a war against Finland or anything. I'm content as long as Esko Aho isn't the president of this country.

Many pretty girls on the bus this morning. You gotta love public transportation.
And this is just another good argument against driving your own automobile. Think about it. What chance would I have to get good-looking ladies I didn't know personally to join me for a ride and even pay for it, if I had my own car? It's not like I can afford a Ferrari with my salary. :) I'm polluting the environment a bit less and getting some eye candy at the same time. A good deal, eh?
If I only wasn't such a pussy and could actually try to start a conversation... Oh well.

The next day

Blah. When I wrote the first entry, news about Bush winning were all over the net. An hour later the whole deal was suddenly off and everything was unfinished. The more I learn about the US election system, the more screwed up it seems. :)

Speaking of screwed up, today was the last time I'll be eating at the pizza place I go for lunch with coworkers. I felt really nauseous for the whole afternoon and evening. The owners of that pizza joint should really improve the hygiene or check the expiration dates on their food items more often. As of now I'll get the cure for my munchies from elsewhere.

What's keeping the snow and below-zero temperatures? It was so dark through the day you'd think the sun didn't exist any more. The white stuff would brighten up nicely, but judging by the forecasts we'll be stuck in the darkness for a good while. Thankfully I don't get depressed that easily.