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Sunday 4th April 2004

I've decided to stop posting or contributing anymore to E2. While I haven't posted for a long while due to work committments, I have had a steady stream of posts nuked by the editors for a variety of reasons.

Now before you misunderstand what I am about to say, this is not a whinge about the nuking - it's not a whinge at all. Some of the nukes were due to copy/paste violations and some were due to the new rules regarding lyrics - i have no issue with these reasons.

The nukes that I have issues with are the ones that were deleted because they were partially commentary or they were too much of an opinion rather than fact. Gone too are the personal musings from various members like Trina. Now the editors can do what they like with E2, they are responsible for it - i have no problem with that. However, the E2 that they are crafting is not the E2 that I contributed to when I joined nor is it the E2 that I want to continue participating in. To me, the current E2 is sterile, impersonal and frankly boring.

As a result, I am bowing out. I'm not bitter about E2 by any means and as a result, you won't find me nuking every single writeup that I have written. I am just choosing not to participate anymore.

To all current and future noders - good luck - and maybe if E2 changes in the future, I may return.


--------- Saved for posterity -----------------------------------

STOP!! You have visited my home node ....

and I would like to know about it. Please type /msg tobtoh Homenode into the chatterbox so that I will know that you visited - and you won't hear from me again. If you actually read all the text below, please type /msg tobtoh Homenode read instead.

This is just an attempt by me to see how often my home node is visited and/or read - thank you for your coorperation!! It is much appreciated.

Now onto my real homenode ...

I'm human - male - 25 - Australian.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia : busy, energetic, sophisticated. I originally came from Adelaide, Australia : laid back, relaxed, country pace

By day, I work in one of the most well-known IT firms in the world : enterprise, team-leading, service level agreements. By night, I help struggling uni students get through life : personal, comfort, challenge, inspiration.

At all times, I'm an E2 noder.

Of all the nodes that I have writen, the following are the ones that I am most proud of. These nodes represent aspects of me - some of which I have never told anyone about or acknowledged until recently. For that reason, these nodes are special:

betrayed : gf cheated on me - this one has nice HTML if nothing else
November 6, 2000 : how inaction is a terrible thing
The greatest compliment I have ever received : making it all worthwhile
November 11, 2000 : why Remembrance Day is more significant to me now

I'm also more partial to some nodes than others (sometimes they mean more to me, sometimes I put much more effort into them). These nodes are:

Sydney 2000 Olympics IT Facts and Figures : the statistics are quite mind bogling
E2 Clueless (Newbie) Mistakes To Avoid : all the mistakes I made when I started ... there are quite a few
Ethical Discussion on the Internet Worm : quite a long essay
Medical effects of caffeine on headaches : mmmm, caffeine
System Administrator : find out what sysadmins actually do
sysadmin cool : a trait that exists in all the best sysadmins
What attributes make a gemstone desirable? : find out why that piece of 'glass' costs several $10k
Fight Club and Everything2 : this is funny ... if you've ssen Fight Club
A medical explanation of the effects of ecstasy on your body : a detailed explanation of how ecstasy affects you

When voting on nodes, I try to find nodes from newbies cos I remember what it was like trying to get to level 2 to vote ... and besides, upvotes mean a lot more to newbies than us older noders.

Here are other E2'ers who I like reading because they either write interesting stuff or because their writing style is different from most w/u's:

Trina : mostly GTKY nodes ... but hey, I like them simonc : he's Australian ... all Aussie nodes are good :)

Finally, here is the best metanode that I have found on E2: HOWTOs on Everything