Arghhhhhh!!!!! I just found out that my flatmate is moving out this weekend!

He did warn me that he would be moving out early December, but due to changing circumstances, he's now decided he's moving out three days.

I've just spent the past hour checking my bank accounts to see whether I am going to be in trouble paying for the rent and bills all by my own - luckily, the answer to that question is yes, I will be okay. But only be eating into some of my savings. Luckily, he will be leaving the fridge and couch behind for a little while ... but it's still a big shock ... and it means I will be in a rush for the next few days sorting out what needs to be replaced, what contracts need to be cancelled, what contracts need to be transferred ... arghhhh.

To make it worse, I'm heading interstate over the weekend to scatter my grandma's ashes into the ocean. Frankly, my flatmate couldn't have picked a worse time to move out. Grrrr.

Well no point complaining about it I guess. Complaining isn't going to change the situation so I'll just have to make do with what I've got. Still .... grrrrr.