an interesting thing about living in ann arbor is that if you are conservative, or fundamentalist in anything besides judaism, you're made to feel like an outsider.

case in point: election day, 2000.
               i'm voting for Bush, while
        apparently everyone else in the city is voting
        for Gore or Nader.  and
        there are signs EVERYWHERE, urging you to vote
        democratic.  it made me feel like
        a minority.  i was getting evil looks from people.
        weeird.  although, apparently it's coming down to 
        that whoever's more popular is more popular by 
        one or two thousand people.  so i'm not really that

tried to be productive yesterday, although failed. ended up spending a large portion of the night with my new smooching partner, which was fun. although i probably should have been doing homework or something, but blah blah, whatever.

i'm really tired of people preaching about the election; it seems like everyone in town is trying to convince everyone else that they know something more than them. it's really annoying.

or maybe i'm just tired of getting shit for being a republican.

in any case, the day ends with me being just generally frustrated about things.