Hmph. YLE TV1: US Elections. BBC World: US Elections, live. EuroNews: US Elections, live.

So, if this morning I slept 'til 11, it wasn't because I didn't wake up - I got up after 9 - but because the stuff from TV was something I didn't quite want or need to hear. EVVK. Won't affect my life too much.

Bush wins... No, Gore wins... No, Bush is winning... (turns TV off) Goddamn it, I'll read about it from the newspaper tomorrow.


What the...

The local Usenet* news server seems to have a small problem... I see too few articles. All too few.

* I'll just say this for clarity, so that everyone knows I'm not talking of news web sites. Goddamned Big Media Events.

Or maybe a lot of clueless newbies went to Usenet thinking this "news" thing probably has "anything but election news" and all US news servers crashed. Or something. =)


I checked out Slashdot and noticed censorware was blocking candidate sites... I immediately thought it must be because of "gore".

Well, judging from the comments, I wasn't the only one who noticed it...


Has the 'net stalled or something? My home page redirection has not been updated, I still don't have that account to the test learning environment, and Usenet news seem to be clogged. Why is this happening to me????? =(


I'm getting a new kernel package. I'm still not moving to 2.4.0-test (yet!) but at least it'd be good to get the framebuffer stuff to work...


It boots.

I can get some sort of image back by catting from /dev/fb0.

But it ain't got a text mode, folks... Plus, the ATI Rage128 driver options have not been documented and I don't understand anything about the kernel. =(


Well, I got it to boot to framebuffer'd text mode. Kewl penguin. All this for the penguin. I need to replace that with a fox someday! =)

Anyway, a cardinal screwup: I did the extremely boneheaded move of saying "hey X11, now you can use fbdev instead of r128, cool, huh?" and it didn't think I was joking. Anyway, the console was screwed. Needed to reboot.

And guess if it tries to start GDM at the boot. Grrr. Another boot.

Well, fortunately I have "boot to single user mode" in the GRUB boot menu... =)


Oh dear GOD!

Turned out XML::Parser can return a tree structure. Had I noticed the Supreme Power of perldoc program before, I would have spared a lot of hair-ripping in past... =(


Yea, as some people already noticed, "I know what I want to do when I'm big!"

(Oh, and posted something to k5, too. Strange, that...)

Other day logs o' mine...

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