Greysoul is a local death metal band based in Ann Arbor, MI. It has five members:

  • Joaquin Elizondo - vocals
  • Aaron Kleinjans - bass
  • Jake Brandenburg - guitar
  • Brian Lydic - guitar
  • Nate Bonfiglio - drums
Three members of the band (Jake, Aaron, Brian) started out jamming Sabbath and other covers in the dorm room of a drummer named Laramie back in 1998. The whole residence hall could hear them jamming out War Pigs on a weekly basis. The next school year saw drummer Laramie moving on with his other band, leaving the West Quad Four (now three) out of luck. The three remaining soon signed on Joaquin (Aaron's former roommate) as vocalist, despite his total lack of experience with singing or metal in general.

The band had a handful of "practices" without a drummer and just concentrated (loosely) on writing material until they could find a drummer capable of fulfilling their metal dreams. After failing to find a drummer by emailing the entire student body (and faculty) of the university, the band hit the doldrums, believing that they would never get to assault the ears of the student masses with their fresh brand of thrash/death/core.

Then one day, bassist Aaron brought his shitty drum set and put it up in Joaquin's dorm room. Brian and Joaquin, living just a few doors down from each other, started to get together and jam a bit in Brian's room, Joaquin playing drums and Brian on guitar and singing (screaming out random expletives). This developed a song that Brian had started called "Dismembered by Squirrels." Now, after nearly 7 months of agony, things were looking up. Dreams of playing the steps of the graduate library resurfaced, and the band started coming up with new song names and stage show ideas, just as in the old days.

Soon after Brian and Joaquin had jammed a few times, Brian met a drummer named Nathan who was currently with a pop band called the Bottle Prophets. Both wanting to pursue their metal tendencies, the two decided they should get together with the rest of the band and jam. After the first rehearsal (minus Joaquin), everyone decided that the now fully rounded band would continue. There was much rejoicing. Especially since Nathan had a double bass pedal.

The band decided to get some songs together for an end-o-the-year block party. So, after two more rehearsals the band destroyed Cross Street with two original songs and two covers. After that, the school year ended and the band had to go on hiatus as all the members were strewn across North America.

Beginning anew this school year (2000-2001) has proven to be a very successful time for Greysoul. They have acquired several original songs, perfected several covers, and are currently in the process of creating a demo.

Some of their songs include

March 31, 2001:
Harpo's in Detroit

Greysoul will be opening for Cryptopsy
Want tickets? /msg SoberSephiroth or kaytay

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