Releasing the source code to NT is the only way to keep Linux from crushing NT. It wouldn't happen the day after, but within a year or two an open source NT would rival Linux for stability and ease of use. Basic differences in OS design may prevent this, but open source programmers are used to hacking around problems when necessary.

I've always feared that M$ would figure things out and realize the strength of the open source development community. It's not something that I think is going to happen, and it would be a Good Thing if they did it right. But I could see them decommoditizing any number of protocols and standards (remember the Halloween Documents).

All of the below is based on an office conversation. We all came to the unanimous decision that:
Linux would be destroyed, (nothing personal but it would) it's true, think rationally for a minute. If NT source code hit the market, at no price (yeah right) then all the little nitpickers who don't like this or that, would soon form the perfect OS.
  • There would be a million different flavors!
  • You would have stability and compatibility.
  • True standards would be formed.
  • All the excess "crap coding" would be removed and "Lindows" or whatever the hell they would call it, would dominate the market.
  • Most versions would probably be freeware like Linux is now.
  • The world would stand together holding hands and dance.
This is how I see the market would take to "Lindows", I honestly think that it would take dominating control over all Operating Systems.
If I'm wrong you could still bet on it giving Linux a run for it's money.

Luckily, we live in a world where Microsoft would never allow that.

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