An desktop operating system that will run both Windows and Linux programs. While most posts on Slashdot have referred to it as a 'version of Linux', I found nothing (correct me if I'm wrong) to that effect on their website. Lindows was sued on December 20, 2001 by Microsoft, who claimed that the name 'Lindows' was too close to Windows and would cause confusion between the two products (It seems almost likely that it was referred to as a 'Linux distribution' on Slashdot in order to garner support from the Linux community.) The Lindows website ( contains a call for help to help collect the names of all the operating systems and other software that contains the word 'windows'.

Lindows is not free software, despite this entry in their FAQ:

Does support Open Source? repects all applicable licensing and is proud to be a strong supporter of the Open Source community by helping to advance several Open Source initiatives. We are financially supporting several open source organizations. We have hired several open source type companies. We have contributed code to open source projects. We're committed to being a solid corporate citizen and hope that our long term presence propels more consumer friendly net software development.

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