The biggest Internet scam of all time was letting people believe, for a very short while, that it was the information superhighway.

As we all know, our corporate masters afforded that brief bit of pseudo-freedom to catch us all hook, line, and sinker. Now the Internet has taken its more true form -- e-commerce, which is good for everybody, right? In case you had no idea, for you had been living in a cave, for the last decade, on Mars, with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, the Internet went from being all about information and sharing, enlightenment and the pleasure of knowledge to banner ads, online stores and shopping, and about twenty-five thousand e-commerce sites, about twenty-thousand of without which we could all do. Now that we're all addicted to the Internet, we're forced to live with whatever our corporate masters wish to spoon feed us and we must adhere to their archaic, Draconian restrictions (see: MP3, DVD, CSS).

The second greatest Internet scam of all time involved about three-hundred Linux companies and the promise that once they went public they'd make everybody a whole lot of money. They're now dropping faster than 8 year olds in a Malaysian Nike factory.

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