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"Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up..."

wembley says thanks very much - still learning here. =) i must say, half of the fun of msging you is spelling that monstrosity. =)

Sick Boy says your name is really hard to spell, sir.

Princess Therion says You are even more impossible to msg - I can't spell your name :-) But we seem to survive none the less

toalight says I'd like to tell you - sir - that your username is bloody hard to spell.

anemotis says I've always wondered: Is your name a msg filtering system? ;-)

TanisNikana says Yer name isn't that hard to spell. But then again, I spelt it with a Ctrl-C Ctrl-V.

<JudyT> Yes, /msg hraeyam, /msg hraegg... oh it's not that important.

<Swap> You have to put in your homenode how us stupid anglophones can pronounce your name, hramyaegr.

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