Exercise Log:
  • Pushups: 50 (and boy, did they hurt.)
  • Side-kicks: 40, each side
  • Crunches: 75 (my god!)

Insomnia: Mild

Stupid dog kept me awake 'til 2am with his barking, so I'm only half-awake at work and I've gotta drink coffee to keep up. My car's in the shop getting snow tires, I've gotta move all my shit to the place we're renting in 7 days or less, and I've got about a month to finish up the things I'm supposed to finish before my job ends.

I'm a little stressed.

The D&D game that I run on WebRPG was particularly satisfying last night. A lot of the players got drawn away by real world shit, but two core players pulled through and we managed to close a major chapter of the game. I've also humbled them a little, by bringing some massively powerful enemies into the game. Fortunately, the enemies have their own agendas, and the players haven't shown up on their radar as anything important yet.

I'm not sure what's going on with the girl I like. She's really busy and stressed, but I sense that she's losing interest. Which is rather annoying, because she's too busy for me to do anything about that. Maybe if I'm lucky, she'll invite me to the cast party, or take me up on my offer to spend the day with me on Sunday doing nothing but vegging. But I'm not holding my breath.