So I was driving along Rt. 2 to pick up cobie from work. It's in the latter part of dusk when I looked up into the sky in front of me. I noticed a cloud pattern and soon realized that it looked like a dragon. It was a very good likeness of a dragon at that. There was the body, 2 wings pointing up further into the sky, a forearm, an open mouth, and flames. It was just awsome. It really looked like a dragon. The clouds starting out from the mouth were little puffs, extending away from the dragon, looking very much like flames.

So I finally pick up cobie, and a little while later I start describing the dragon. He starts looking around the car, in my ashtray, looks over into the backseat and so on. I finally ask him what he's looking for and he responds "I'm looking for the crack you've been smoking!"

Later that evening, me, cobie and masukomi saw Charlie's Angels. Fun movie. It was at this point that I came to the conclusion that I really liked Drew Barymore's breasts. oooooh.

I cant typee anymre. bye.